Replacement Keys

Replacement Keys

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Replacement Keys for your lock. Requires code on back of original keys for new keys to be made.

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Item Dimensions LxWxH10.25 x 2.25 x 2 inches

Install Instructions

Mounting to Your Bike:

Align the lock with the screws in the spacer holes as best you can with the bottle cage bosses on your bikes frame.

Using the 3mm allen key, tighten the two screws. Make sure to wait until both are engaging with the bottle cage boss threads before tightening the screws completely.

Note: the screws should go in fairly easily, if it seems they are very difficult to tighten you may need to adjust the position or angle of the lock or screws.

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  • Rick Stella

    "It's a ton of convenience packed into one bike lock."

  • Dan Chabanov

    "The Lobster Lock is a folding lock with a neat trick: It’s always attached to your bike. "

  • Adam Schram

    "Unlike most locks, the Lobster Lock 2.0, once mounted on the frame, never comes off!"

  • Berne Broudy

    "It’s ideal for commuters, college students, and anyone with errands to run."

  • Lock Picking Lawyer

    “It’s a significant improvement over the old version!”

  • Zach Overholt

    "Lobster Lock is an interesting take on the bike lock"

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Fast and Easy to Lock.

The fastest, simplest bike lock you can imagine.

Bike Mounted.

Mounts to your bike’s bottle cage bosses on the down tube or seat tube, out of the way while riding.

Lock Frame and Wheel to Rack.

Locks securely through your bike’s frame, wheel and around most any bike rack, sign post or parking meter.